Future-centered conceptual specialists focused on installation design, audio + visual arts, photography, and video production — ADVERSA is more than a creative studio, but a platform committed to the curation and demonstration of artists with the structural organization of exhibitions, distribution, and collaborations against type.

Our represented and featured digital galleries provide profiles for emerging artists aligned with our core aesthetic values, striving for the forward expansion of our artistic community. Through the scouting for unconventional, meaningful visions and projects to develop or distribute under our household structure, we’re aiming to help canonize the next generation of visionary creatives.





Adversa is the united signature that represents the collaborative creative artworks of António Sá + Tiago Bastos Nunes. Their academic journey paved the way for an experimental approach to the world of sound and vision, garnering both national and international acclaim, with notable exhibitions at esteemed venues, including CCB, TIFF Bell Lightbox (CA), Fantasporto, and participation in the national competition of MOTELX during their student years.

Exemplifying academic excellence, Tiago (22) received the prestigious international Creative Media Learner of the Year 2021 award, a remarkable achievement that marked him as the first Portuguese winner among 800 nominations recognized by the UK BTEC Awards. He was then appointed as the inaugural and sole Creative Media Ambassador for Pearson Education, the world’s biggest education franchise.

In the audio domain, António’s electronic compositions have flown the airwaves of Rinse France and Dublab, with releases on European labels such as Diffuse Reality Records (Barcelona), and through preliminal VAs on Artificial Intelligence Records (Madrid), Nebulae Records (Barcelona), Mindcolormusic (Freiburg), and Sitdownandance (Istanbul). His experience led him to design and participate in audio installations across MAAT and a permanent feature in the Military Museum of Porto.




Our genesis as an organized creative enterprise took root with a sound installation project at the Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology (MAAT), evolving into a four-part series for the museum. This collaboration laid the groundwork for the establishment of ADVERSA, conceived as an alternative within aesthetic and conceptual creation. A sustained partnership with MAAT ensued, leading to the diverse conceptualization of projects geared towards funding social initiatives—an integral aspect of their in-house development areas. Collaborative ventures were undertaken with prominent entities through the Active Citizens Fund (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Bissaya Barreto Foundation), garnering interventions for Tate Collection, and work with organizations such as MACAM, ModaLisboa, Village Underground Lisboa, EDP Foundation, NEOPOP, among others.

ADVERSA emerges as a forward-thinking, multidisciplinary creative studio centered on the power of identity. Its mission is to amplify cultural communication and intervene through an artistic manifesto that defies conventions. Led by artists, the platform spans the spectrum from design to production, distribution, and exhibition.